Shiksha Mission


Shiksha Mission : A brief description

We want to Inspire people. We want these Children to look at us in future and say, Thank You Prayaas Corps Because of you, We didnt give up Shiksha Mission @Jawahar Circle @9 AM 11AM. I Am Kalam movie was shown to the kids, so as to make every lil kid like Kalam Sir! Owner of Bansal Hospital, Jaipur visited our Shiksha Movements Jawahar Circle Centre and donated 35 Books, Stationeries and offered every kind of Medical help for the lil kids. You can help these unprivileged kids realise their dream by donating here You can also Donate Books, Copies, Bag, Shoes, Tiffin Box, Water Bottle Join us in our endeavours of imparting Knowledge to these Kacchi Basti kids! Contact 07727048984


Date & Time :17th June, 17, 9AM
Venue : jawahar circle, jaipur