Hanging of Parindas


Hanging of Parindas : A brief description

In the burning heat of summer season water becomes the most important part of our life. But have we ever given a thought that we can arrange or access water easily whenever we need it but the poor birds do not have such liberty or power. we have seen many stray animals running here and there in search of water and lick whatever and wherever they find some. We obviously cannot help all the birds in this world ourselves but if we take an initiative as the volunteers of prayaas corps and keep water for birds , this will be a great helping cause towards the poor birds. On 27-05-17 , More than 100 parindas were hanged by the volunteers of Prayaas Corps and IIT Bombay alumni Association Jaipur in Jaipur and are regularly filled at particular interval. Even the leading Newspapers of Rajasthan appreciated our efforts of Hanging Of more than 100 Bird [email protected] Park in collaboration with IIT Bombay Alumni Association, Jaipur.


Date & Time :27/05/17 - 9 AM
Venue : Central Park, Jaipur