Splash A Smile : RakshaBandhan Knot


Splash A Smile : RakshaBandhan Knot : A brief description

There are many stories about the origins of RakshaBandhan, and its come to mean different things to different people.
This RakshaBandhan, the Prayaas Corps team came together to celebrate the festival of love and care with those who were not able to be with their family because of their duty.
Great nation is build by people who put their duty above everything else.
The dedication of our soldiers at border, our police force and security guards in city shows that before everything else comes their duty.
When a Cab drivers takes you to your sisters place being away from her.
When a Guard protects you and your family staying away from his sister.
There are various examples of dedication and commitment towards the nation and their duty.
This was a small Gesture of Thanking them and to make them feel that todays generation acknowledges their efforts and shall extend their hand with them, to make this society,this nation, a safer one, a better one.


Date & Time :07/08/2017, 10:00:00