Roshni ki Kiran


Roshni ki Kiran : A brief description

Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself

Without light during the night, even with great ideas, we cant continue on with most of our chores. We all have electricity connections in our house and if there is any cut, it seems like our life has sort of come to a standstill. Even imagining our world without electricity is difficult for us, so how can we even think of the amount of problems people who are deprived of the same face everyday.
Prayaas Corps on understanding the gravity of the problem decided to help these people living in kachchi basti by providing them with Solar LED light. In these lights solar panels are inbuilt and these can work for about 6-7 hours after which they need recharging. By installing solar lights in the basti we not only increased the quality of their lives but also spreaded awareness regarding using of renewable energy, its not getting affected by weather change, its durability and of course the affordablity. Children from this Kachchi basti whom we teach too, can revise and work upon their lessons taught in the morning before going to bed and with the education as their weapon, they can prove that we are never destined according to the place where we are born but according to the work we do living there. They will understand the importance of solar energy at a very young age which in turn will make them more aware and concerned regarding the protection of environment.

Prayaas Corps have always believed that anyone can bring a change in the society for good if they have courage and faith in themselves. So if you believe you share your boat of beliefs with us then join us in this mission of ours, contribute your part and help us in making this world a better place to live in.


Date & Time :15/08/17, 18:00:00
Venue : Khatipura Kachi Basti