Roshni ki Kiran & Splash A Smile


Roshni ki Kiran & Splash A Smile : A brief description

On this Occasion of Festival of Light, Diwali, Prayaas Corps and Blossom Group tried to lighten up their day by celebrating it with them.
On this Day, we distributed 30 new Uniforms, woolens, caps, shoes, socks to the kachhi Basti kids of NRI Circle, Shiksha Mission Centre. Some Hygienic Products and Sweets too were distributed among the kids.
To make this Diwali, truly a Festival of Light, we provided Solar Light Bulb to these 28 Huts of NRI Kachhi Basti, giving them Independence from Darkness and Gifting Lightning on this Festival of Light. This Diwali is a real Diwali for them as it will make the greatest impact on their life. Join our Brigade of ChangeMakers and Help us in Spreading more Smiles.


Date & Time :15/07/2017, 16:00:00
Venue : NRI Circle, Jaipur