Shiksha Mission


Shiksha Mission : A brief description

Provide value based education to the under- privileged children of the country & to run an evening school to enlighten children with the importance of education and an all round development of them.

The Shiksha Mission is one of the most drastic superlative initiative of Prayaas Corps. Realizing the hollowness of Indian education system and the weakness of Indian policies regarding this issue, the volunteers took a major step in educating the children. This education granting is different from what is provided to them in schools. This system of learning has the motto- "Learn by Fun." The children of various age groups are made to learn things by plays and games. The things taught are always not necessarily based on their syllabus. Extracurricular activities and interest of the children are kept in mind and they have motivated ti gain perfection in them. Their conceptual thinking and rational nation skills are developed. This has been done even before the registration of group as an NGO. For the last 4 years, a small village Chak Charanvas near Jaipur is regularly visited by the volunteers. The volunteers have always received a positive response from the localities who are keen on sending their children for such an initiative. Such a mission is a revolution, a fire which in future is hoped to enlighten all minds of society who consider education to a mere trifle and intrigued problem of life; making them realize its power, that can change the whole society and the World.

Recent visits::

4th & 5th March, 2017 25th & 26th Feb, 2017 11th & 12th Feb, 2017